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August 10, 2015
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August 21, 2015

Healthy Skin Hair Nail

Skin, hair and nail are originated from one embryonal source (Ectoderm). They are growing all the time, not all part of body grow all the time. Even when you are very old still your skin, hair and nail are growing. This reality send us an important massage,


Beside this NUTRITIONS, you may need a regular check up to see if your blood has the balanced elements. To have a nice SKIN HAIR and NAIL you need enough IRON, Vit B group like  FOLIC  ACID, ZINC, also the major HORMONAL balances, like
THYROID, or in ladies OVARIES, are the major role player to keep your skin, hair and nail healthy.

Modern life  with complicated life style, imbalance diet and job stress and polluted environment specially in big cities, can creates unhealthy conditions which damages your body, specially the fast growing tissues like skin hair send nail.

A busy businessmen or women sometimes they forget about their health NUTRITIONS, physical activities, and regular check up and lives in a stressful  unhealthy mental and physical condition and damage their body. The fast growing tissue of our body like skin hair and nail are the most sensitive part and get the most damages, like in a car accident if you drive faster you may get more damages. A busy businessman or lady mostly they live in busy an polluted cities and they are e closed to all kind of oxidants.  Oxidants with their molecular toxic effect gradually destroy the structure of your healthy body and creates early aging.

Having a healthy skin hair and nail because of their fast growth and fragility needs proper NUTRITIONS, HORMONAL BALANCE, STRESS CONTROL, and ANTIOXIDANTS and daily skin care.

Daily skin care has 4 easy steps

  1. cleansing
  2. Moisturizing
  3. sun protection
  4. Antioxidants

To have a better understanding about how you care about your skin refer to my article   WHAT YOUR SKIN NEEDS.

Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery
Member of American Society for Dermatological Surgery,USA
Medical director   USA, Europe, Mid east, Far east.

Dr. Reza Torchizy
Dr. Reza Torchizy
Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery Member of American Society for dermatological surgery , USA Medical director, USA, Europe, Mid east, Far east

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