How to prevent sun damages

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August 9, 2015
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How to prevent sun damages

Sun and skins
Sun exposure can create skin damages on the surface of the skin and in deeper layers, we have to know that the damages of the sun on the skin can adds up in long round, and the defense system of your skin T Cells can keep these damages in their memory and release these damages over the time elven if you are unot exposed to sun any more.
Today with new technology and science we  can clean the toxic effect of the sun from our skin. The surface damages of the skin on the surface are either spots that doctors call it Actinic lesions which easily can change to skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) is the most common humans malignancy.
The other surface lesion is broken capillaries Generally skin become thiner and discolored with sun exposure.

Deep damages of the skin with sun exposure:
The major deep damage of the skin with sun is destruction and deformity of collagen and Elastin fibers which causes thinning of the skin, wrinkles and finally skin Laxity and looseness of the different areas of body like face neck, arms and ….

How to prevent sun damages:

using sun block or decrease your sun exposures,usually sun block SPF 40 to 50 are good and if you want to get better protection. Use the sun block with Antioxidan. Using antioxidant creams to neutralize the toxic effect of the sun.

How to treat the bad effect of the sun on your skin:

  1. In very light cases Glycolic (suger cane) acid treatment is helpful 70% solution application in the office once a month and 10% cream or lotion Twice a day, plus sun protection, and Antioxidan .
    The best suggestion is using Glycolic acid cream in the morning, then sun block with Antioxidan during the day ( every 2hours if you are out) and Antioxidant cream at bed time.
  2. In sever cases of sun damage on the surface.
    Treat the surface lesions with resurfacing lasers (fragmented lasers like FRAXEL , which is a good choice to treat different skin type like Asian or darker skin. This treatment clean the sun damages spots of the skin surface and remodel the collagen layer of your deep skin which help for wrinkels. Fraxel is one of the safest kind of resurfacing lasers for none white skin
  3. In deep skin damages, skin laxity, skin looseness in case of sever sun damages which causes skin early aging and skin laxity and looseness, to correct this structural damage in deep part of the skin.
    The best treatment is RF (radio frequency ), mono polar RF(thermage) or new generation of RF which are easier to use for physician and patient like Bi polar RF( 3 DEEP) generally the RF remodel the abnormal structure of the deep skin
    , increase collagen in deep skin and correct the skin laxity by tissue contraction. Thermage or Endy med RF are one of the safest and most popular devices in Cosmetic medicine in the world today.
    Always the proper skin care regime, Gly colic acid, sun block and Antioxidan, joined with the above treatments can help patients to Achieve better and long lasting results.
Dr. Reza Torchizy
Dr. Reza Torchizy
Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery Member of American Society for dermatological surgery , USA Medical director, USA, Europe, Mid east, Far east

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